Eduardo "Eddie" Nunez
Regional Sales Manager - South America/Africa

Meet Eddie, who has served over 35 years in the aviation industry

Eddie has worked in the aviation industry for more than 35 years with the last seven of those years at Atlas Aerospace. He has experience at the airline and vendor level having worked at a leasing company and several distribution and repair stations. Today Eddie manages sales and marketing efforts in South America and Africa. He enjoys meeting with customers, understanding their operational needs and fulfilling their requirements. The thing that satisfies him most is meeting the customers’ goals and expectations.

Get To Know Eddie

“To unwind I like going to Broadway shows, classical concerts and beach picnics.”

“My favorite movies are detective mysteries and spy thrillers, and my music of choice is classical piano concerts and classic 70s.”

“I had an opportunity to meet my hero, Nelson Mandela, in South Africa several decades ago. I hold him in esteem for overcoming apartheid and freeing South Africa.”

Beach Lover
Concert Goer

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