Haim Gettler
Regional Sales Manager

Meet Haim, his first experience with aviation was when he joined the airforce

Haim’s past experience as a bench technician and in line maintenance, customer service, sales and marketing help him interact with and understand the customers’ needs. His first experience with aviation was when he joined the Air Force, and he was hooked once he realized that he was part of what keeps “those birds in the sky.” Haim enjoys having an opportunity to work with a diverse group of people at Atlas Aerospace.

Get To Know Haim

“To unwind I play my guitar, ride my bike and spend time with my family.”

“I like watching a good comedy and listening to old school rock and jazz.”

“My mom is definitely my hero. She had to go through so much hardship in her life. She survived labor camp in WWII, was uprooted four times from country to country and never lost her optimism.”

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