Q&A With Jon Polliard, EulessAero, on his recent trip to Nagoya, Japan to tour the MAZAK Machine Manufacturing Center. “Our new MAZAK cell will be even more productive than first envisioned…” ... Read More
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Aereos’ 2017 In Review

Aereos’ 2017 In Review Looking forward to 2018, it is easy to forget all that has been accomplished. Installing the All-new Mazak Machine Perhaps the most exciting development of 2017 ... Read More
November 14, 2017admin
An Inside Look at the Newest Machine at EulessAero Aereos


EulessAero recently announced its acquisition of a state-of-the-art machine to arrive in December. The Mazak HCN-5000/50 will begin operation shortly thereafter. "Mazak has committed to this build schedule so that EulessAero can support commitments made to our customers.  Installation at our facility will ... Read More
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Jon Pollaird – EulessAero Gears up for the Future with Mazak


Brand-New, Custom-Built Mazak Horizontal Machining Cell Arrives in the Dallas Metro What’s in this blog: The 18-month evaluation process finished, the MAZAK system will arrive in December. Capable of machining all types of aerospace materials, to a one micron (0.0001) accuracy "Accuracy and consistency will improve dramatically running our customer’s jobs ... Read More
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EulessAero – Aereos A Day in the Life of an Aircraft Manufacturing Engineer


Embracing the Challenge: Meet A Keystone Member of a Top Aircraft Manufacturing Team “Everything that I do has a direct impact on our machine shop, so I spend quite a bit of time in the shop”. Jon Polliard is a Manufacturing Team Leader with EulessAero, an Aereos Operating Company... Read More
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Boeing 787 – Aereos


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Aereos EulessAero high flying cabin interiors 3


Dropping Oil Prices Lifts Interior Cabins To New Heights   Lower oil prices are making passenger airplanes better than ever, again. Ten years ago, the price of oil spiked as the world GDP grew by leaps and bounds in the new millennium. Airlines, in response, increased their ticket prices - but also began ... Read More
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EA Machine and Operator 1


EulessAero’s Distinguished Fifty Year Legacy A golden anniversary in any industry is an accomplishment in itself, worthy of awe and reverence. But when you consider that the Wright brothers had their first flight less than ... Read More
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Why We Love MRO Americas (Aereos, Atlas Aerospace, ACP, EulessAero)00001


The Biggest Event of the Year One of the best times of the year for Aereos, and its operating companies ACP, Atlas Aerospace and EulessAero is MRO Americas. It’s not only the premiere event of the year for our four companies, it’s also the flagship event of Aviation ... Read More
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Honoring 42 Years of Outstanding Aerospace Industry Service William Montgomery, Aereos Partner, joined EulessAero and ACP employees to honor the outstanding service and award-winning career of David Tarrant. Few moments symbolize the essence of Aereos’ roots and mutual respect of its staff as the celebration of the career of David Tarrant. David’s ... Read More
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