Keith Lindsey
Research and Development

Meet Keith Lindsey, who is good at disassembling and evaluating broken parts to develop new FAA approved repairs giving him an everyday challenge which is the best part about his job.

Keith has the talent for understanding how aircraft systems work and the ability to find new parts for repair. His favorite part about his job is finishing a new FAA approved repair (DER) and taking apart aircraft parts for the first time. Keith started his aviation career when he joined the US Army reserves as an aircraft electrician and has worked hard to advance his career with years of experience.

Get To Know Keith

“Spending quality time with my wonderful wife Kristen, and 3 children Brayden, Emersyn and Tucker. Socializing with close friends, listening to Christian music, Texas Country and watching comedy movies are my favorite things to do in my spare time.”

“From the time I was little, listening to my Grandpa tell stories about working on the P-38 lightnings during his time serving in the Army Air Corps. One grandpa was an aircraft mechanic in the Army Air Corps, the other was a tanker in the Army. I figured I would have better luck fixing aircraft in the Army than driving tanks in the Air Force. It was a way I could honor both.”

“My heroes are my parents, they have always been there and supported me and my decisions, helping out all along the way. Without them I would not be who I am today.”

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