Patrice Sparks

Meet Patrice, COO at ACP, who has spent her entire career in the aviation industry

Patrice, COO at ACP, who has spent her entire career in the aviation industry, has worked for Airline Component Parts (ACP) and the Aereos family of companies for 8 years and has been instrumental in ACP’s success. She led the implementation of the strategic transition from a focus on simple switches and mechanicals to specializing in the development of DER repair solutions focused on high-value expendable components. Patrice’s ability to multi-task, look at a situation from all sides before making a decision, stay dedicated to completing goals, work well with her team and insist on exceptional customer service made for a successful transition. Her experience and qualifications include certified repair stations, EASA, manufacturing, PMAs, AS9100 Rev C and AS9110B.

Get To Know Patrice

“Our teams work well together because of mutual respect for our strengths that complement each other’s throughout the company.”

“When you work in this industry long enough, aviation gets into your blood.”

“My favorite genre of movie has to be suspense. As far as music goes, I like many different types. It all depends on my state of mind or time of day.”

“And when I want to unwind, I head for the garden.”

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