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Aereos Announces First Built-in #Antimicrobial High-Touch Parts

for Aircraft Interiors

99% Effective in Protecting Against Harmful Microbes

Dallas, TX – August 27, 2020 – Aereos, Inc., an innovative global aircraft solutions provider, announces the first built-in antimicrobial high-touch parts for #aircraft interior cabins and lavatories. Designed by Aereos Interior Solutions, one of five @Aereos divisions, these antimicrobial parts provide long lasting protection against harmful microbes.


Long Lasting Layers of Protection at No Incremental Cost

David Baker, Partner at Aereos, said, “Our interior parts are the first line of defense to protect passengers and crew during their flight by providing a layer of protection not available in the market

until now.” Baker continued, “This antimicrobial layering technology is built-in throughout our #high-touch cabin and lavatory antimicrobial parts such as tray tables and toilet seats. It only

makes sense for airlines to replace older parts with ones that add layers of protection at no incremental cost (and significantly less than OEMs).”


The Missing Link to Added Protection While Flying

In addition to introducing more stringent cleaning procedures prior to boarding @American Airlines, @Delta Air Lines, @United Airlines, @Southwest Airlines and other airlines along with @Boeing and @Airbus have reported equipping some of their aircraft with #HEPA air filters that recycle the cabin air every 2-4 minutes. Although it is important to have clean air, Dr. Mark Gendreau, Director and Vice-Chair of Emergency Medicine at Lahey Medical Center, Peabody, was quoted in Travel and Leisure as saying, “Viruses associated with the common cold or upper respiratory tract infections are often too large and heavy to hang in the air.” Dr. Gendreau was reported to have explained in the interview that such #viruses quickly fall to the floor and other surfaces.

Aereos Interior Solutions attacks the issue of harmful #microbes that accumulate on high-touch surfaces during an airplane flight. The new antimicrobial technology provides the Missing Link between two distinctly different but compatible types of solutions in the market today.

  1. #Airlines are currently cleaning surfaces prior to allowing masked crew and passengers to board.
  2. Airlines are using (HEPA) air filters to purify the air around persons on the plane while germ-filled droplets are falling on high-touch surfaces such as tray tables, arm rests and the floor, where they are spread or stick.
  3. Aereos Interior Solutions has introduced the Missing Link that reduces harmful microbe growth on surfaces in aircraft cabins and lavatories throughout the flight, adding a layer of protection not currently available in the market.


Aereos Also Adds New Antimicrobial Coatings to Its Fight Against Harmful Microbes

William Montgomery, Partner at Aereos, said, “In response to the current worldwide pandemic, we are also adding a line of antimicrobial coating solutions that prevent harmful microbes from propagating on high-touch surfaces like galley cart handles and  and arm caps.”

Aereos and its divisions are composed of experienced engineers with over 100 years of combined industry experience solving problems and formulating innovative ideas continually resulting in new methods, advanced technologies and elevated capabilities on which airlines rely. “If we don’t have a solution for an airline,” said Montgomery, “then we’ll find one, as we have with our built-in antimicrobial technology.”

After reading reports like the one by “Marketplace,” a CBC/Radio-Canada’s Market Watch consumer watchdog news series about the filthiest parts of the airplane (with analysis of 100 samples on 18 flights), Aereos made a company initiative to solve the problem of germ propagation on high-touch parts in aircraft interiors. This initiative is resulting in Aereos Interior Solutions providing the first aircraft interior parts being built with antimicrobial properties.


Benefits of Built-In Antimicrobial #High-Touch Cabin and Lavatory Parts

  • Reduce harmful microbes on high-touch interior surfaces
  • Reduce risk of cross contamination from surface to surface
  • Provide long lasting protection from harmful microbes
  • Retain active ingredients for the lifetime of the parts

Significant Value Delivered Using Proprietary Processes

  • Concept-to-delivery in as little as 8 weeks
  • Elimination of long lead times
  • Ability to scale up quickly to meet customer requirements
  • Redesign of products to improve function and reliability
  • Manufacture and assembly of complex components
  • Known for exceptional quality

Andrew Eros, COO at Aereos Interior Solutions, said, “Aereos is all about the science of making materials better and being the best partner to our airline customers to make their jobs easier and safer for their flight crew and passengers.”

About Aereos

Aereos, a global aircraft solutions provider, encompasses experts focused on component repair and overhaul, unique FAA-engineered repair solutions, precision manufacturing and custom antimicrobial interior products. Aereos provides commercial and military airline, MRO and OEM customers with quality aircraft parts, MRO services, exceptional customer service and value from its divisions: Atlas Aerospace, EulessAero, Aereos Interior Solutions (AIS) and Aereos Defense.

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