Throughout his four-year career at ACP, James Thompson (Shipping and Receiving at ACP) has initiated cookouts and clothing drives for the homeless and enlisted volunteers from his family of employees throughout Aereos’ five divisions.

Aereos Employee Provides Warmth to Fort Worth Homeless Community James Thompson Organizes a Tarrant County Clothing Drive

Aereos, a global aircraft solutions provider encompassing five divisions focused on superior component repair and overhaul, unique FAA-engineered repair solutions, precision manufacturing and custom interior products, has announced a clothing drive organized by one of its employees to collect new and gently used jackets and blankets that will be distributed along with bottled water on November 9 from 10:00 to 2:00 (or as long as supplies last) to help the homeless on Lancaster Avenue in Fort Worth stay warm this winter.

The location on Lancaster Avenue will be determined by where the largest group of persons are gathered. (For the exact location, James Thompson can be contacted at 817-470-6296 once it has been determined.) Clothing may be brought to the front lobby of EulessAero (an Aereos division) at 1100 South Pipeline Road West in Euless, TX 76040 from Monday, November 4 through Friday, November 8 between the hours of 8:00 and 5:00.

James Thompson has been in shipping and receiving and throughout his four-year career, James has initiated cookouts and clothing drives for the homeless and enlisted volunteers from his family of employees throughout Aereos’ divisions, including longtime supporters Shannon Durham (Sales at EulessAero), Jameel Addullah (Quality Assurance at EulessAero) and Sherry Hosier (Marketing at Aereos).

James has always had a passion for helping others. Although James knew of no homeless in his hometown of Providence, Louisiana, his late mom was a role model for him and taught him through words and acts of kindness to help those less fortunate. James said, “If my mom heard some child didn’t have clothes for school, she would make sure they had some.” James has passed these values down to his four children by telling them that they should always help others less fortunate than them. He reinforces compassion and empathy by telling them, “Don’t look down on others because everyone has needs.” He believes no matter how much money you have, you can always give back.

Although James doesn’t have much family beyond his immediate one, he smiled broadly as he said, “Aereos feels like family and provides me a good support system. I enjoy working with people who make others smile.”

James works for Patrice Sparks, who has spent her entire career in the aviation industry. She has worked for one of Aereos’ divisions for 12 years . James sees her as more than an intelligent, hard-working leader and role model in the company who makes sure he has everything he needs. James said, “She is like a mom now that I don’t have one.”

Patrice thrives in a work environment where individuals look out for each other, and the things James does for those less fortunate do not go unnoticed by her. Patrice said, “James is a necessary piece of the puzzle. His kindness and compassion have shown me that if we all would do just one act of kindness, we could change the world. God has chosen us to help one another, and James is a true example of what we can do to help one another.” To sum up James’ unselfish contributions Patrice remarked, “The world needs many more like James!”

James has been organizing clothing drives to serve those less fortunate than him since he was a teenager. He has a special place in his heart for the homeless and has been organizing cookouts and clothing drives for them for the last four years. He takes time to talk with the homeless and listen to their stories. By listening, James has learned that many of the homeless have fallen on hard times by no fault of their own. He wants to play a part in helping them and has rallied Aereos and a group of its employees to help with his mission by volunteering to collect and distribute clothing in addition to Aereos providing cases of water to those in need. James exemplifies the type of Aereos employee who goes above and beyond – on the job, for the community and in all he does.