Fran Hume
Regional Sales Manager - North America

Meet Fran, Manager of North American Sales of Galley Equipment at Aereos Interior Solutions

Fran Hume has a long track record of helping her customers find the exact solution they need. A former business owner herself, she created a successful child-food brand that was later acquired by another company. Who better can understand the frustrations that can undermine daily operations when ‘unsolvable’ problems arise, than someone who has faced their own challenges? Fran Hume understands her customer, because she has been an entrepreneur herself. She has the unique ability to see her client’s problem from their perspective and to find a solution perfectlysuited for them.

Now at Aereos Interior Solutions, Fran helps her customers day-in and day-out. She is an empathic listener, driven to help her team or a customer.She truly cares about the people around her, whether they are a satisfied client or a dinner out with her group of friends. She describes her adult son as “the epitome of hard work and dedication.” It is easy to see that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Get To Know Fran

"My attraction for aviation came the moment I met my husband, a career aviator. His knowledge and my sales experience were critical as I developed a North American market for a New Zealand aviation company"

"When I'm away from the office, I'm usually cozy at home watching a comedy or I'll be visiting our local vineyard."

"My fabulous team really makes coming to work a treat--as does our outstanding products.”

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