Josue Guevara

Meet Josue, Design Engineer for new products at Aereos Interior Solutions

Prior to joining us, Josue had an extensive background in working in sheet metal and machine shops. That vast knowledge and his innate creativity led him to this position, where he can use the full capacity of his skills every day. His main job requires him to study, research and develop ideas for new products, but Josue goes beyond that. “I always challenge myself to create better and better quality parts,” he said. “It’s one of the things about my job that really excites me.” Working closely with the design and purchasing team, Josue constructs prototypes and confirms designs prior to production.

Get To Know Josue

"To excel at this job you need two things: You need the vision of the end result and the determination to finish the project. Then, all you have to do is begin the next one."

"To unwind I listen to and play music. My music taste is very versatile; I like to listen to a little bit of everything."

"I found my love for aviation flying to my parents' home country every year."

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