Tom Post
Sales Director, Interior Components

Meet Tom, Director of Interior Products Sales began his career in A&P

Tom has 30 years experience in the industry, beginning as a turbofan engineer for Delta Air Lines, so you might think he has seen it all. But he will be the first to tell you, “No matter how much you think you’ve seen or experienced in this industry, there is always something to be learned.” Working for Delta not only taught him a lot about the industry, it also gave him the experience to empathize with his customers. Now Tom focuses daily on delivering excellent support for our customers. At Aereos Interior Solutions, he uses his wealth of experience to interpret root causes of problems to find solutions for his clients.

Get To Know Tom

"My mother is my hero. Despite facing extremely difficult and physically debilitating illnesses, including breast cancer, she always has a smile on her face and a kind word to give others."

"My first flight was a family flight. I was four years old, and it was a rare treat, but I still remember so much of that day."

"I love work, but I also enjoy working on small remodeling jobs around the home and relaxing at the lake with family and friends."

At Delta, Tom worked on the Pratt & Whitney JT8D Turbofan. To date, this engine has recorded over 673 million dependable flying hours.

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