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Aereos Selected to Participate in Singapore Airshow’s Florida Pavilion

Dallas, TX – January 27, 2020 – Aereos, a family of award-winning divisions dedicated to providing quality aircraft parts, MRO services, exceptional customer service and value, is pleased to announce that Atlas Aerospace and Aereos Defense, two of Aereos’ five divisions, will exhibit at the prestigious Singapore Airshow at the Changi Exhibition Centre from February 11-14 in booth P84 of the Florida Pavilion.

Florida-based Atlas Aerospace specializes in the repair and overhaul of key pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-mechanical, fuel and electronic components for airlines, MROs and OEMs worldwide. Aereos Defense provides worldwide support for military aircraft and engines including component repair and overhaul, precision manufacturing and customized repair solutions. Aereos and its five divisions focus on core competencies within component repair and overhaul, unique FAA- engineered repair solutions, precision manufacturing and custom interior products for airline, military, MRO and OEM customers.

The Singapore Airshow is a huge event, taking place every other year. In 2018, the Airshow broke records with more than 54,000 trade attendees representing more than 1,000 companies from 50 countries. In addition, there were close to 300 VIP delegations from 91 countries and regions. The number of attendees and participating countries has steadily grown, now rivaling that of the Paris Airshow.

Aereos was selected as one of 11 local (Florida) businesses to exhibit in the Florida Pavilion at the Singapore Airshow. This exciting opportunity will allow Aereos to showcase products and services at Asia’s largest aerospace and defense event. The team will have an opportunity to spend time with valued customers in southeast Asia and continue to establish new industry relationships through face-to-face contact.

Aereos will be represented by Alyssa Conover, Director of Military Sales with Atlas Aerospace (a Miami division of Aereos), and Dennis Ubillus, Vice President with Aereos Defense.
Alyssa focuses on commercial and military support. Her father’s lifelong career in the aerospace industry made an impact on her and influenced her career choice. She says, “I have become a lover of all things aviation, both civilian aircraft and military.”

Dennis, who has loved airplanes since childhood, has spent the past 20 years in this industry he loves. Dennis said, “I spent 17 years in military aerospace before joining Aereos where I’ve also learned extensively about the commercial side of the business.”

Learn more about Atlas Aerospace and Aereos Defense at booth P84 in the Singapore Airshow’s Florida Pavilion. Alyssa and Dennis are excited about sharing updates about new developments and capabilities at Aereos’ divisions. They also have more free invitations to the airshow available up until January 28th, while supplies last. You can email them directly for tickets or company information.

Alyssa Conover: alyssa@atlasaerospace.com (also available via WhatsApp)
Dennis Ubillus: dubillus@aereos.com

Aereos upcoming events: https://aereos.com/upcoming-events/
Previous events: https://aereos.com/category/event/

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More About Aereos
Aereos, a global aircraft solutions provider with offices in Miami and DFW, consists of experts in component repair and overhaul, FAA-approved repair solutions and precision manufacturing of critical components. Aereos is dedicated to providing airline, MRO and OEM customers with the latest quality aircraft parts, MRO services, exceptional customer service and value from its family of five award-winning companies: Atlas Aerospace, Aereos Defense, EulessAero, Aereos Interiors Solutions and Airline Component Parts (ACP). With more than 100 years of combined industry experience and 150 highly skilled aircraft professionals and craftsmen, all five Aereos divisions go above and beyond to continually expand a wealth of knowledge, develop and master better methods, improve process efficiencies and accelerate delivery time. The company is passionate and driven to retain the reputation and trust built with its customers for proven reliability.