Atlas Aerospace Employee’s Influence Flies Farther Than Florida - Sandra Marina - Atlas Aerospace

Marina Barrios Attends Annual ACPC Conference, Active Participant

Marina Barrios is one of the most recognizable names at Atlas Aerospace because she works with any number of customers. The unparalleled customer service Atlas and the other Aereos companies provide can, in part, be traced to Marina. She communicates frequently with all of her customers, whether large companies or small businesses. Considering the great task that entails, what makes her even more remarkable is the amount of work she does away from her day-to-day. Marina began volunteering with the Air Carriers Purchasing Conference (ACPC) in 1997, and still meets people throughout the United States every year at the annual conference.

The ACPC Annual Conference is just days away. This year, the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina Hotel is the destination for the four-day event. The ACPC states it strives to create “a fair and level environment to network in various business and social agendas” and Marina Barrios is celebrating twenty years of work with the Conference. In her second year as Sponsorship Coordinator, Marina is returning to her native California.

Prior to her two years as a committee member, Marina Barrios volunteered with the ACPC for eighteen years. “I was always fascinated by airplanes. I really began my love of aircraft and flying when I got my first job in aviation back in 1988.” Atlas Aerospace Sales Manager, Jennifer LeBlanc, recognized her love of aviation and referred her to work at Aereos. Since then, Marina and her team provide some of the best customer service in the industry.

Her success at both Aereos and at the ACPC are the product of her ability to forge great relationships. “My mother inspired me; my parents taught me always to be loyal and to treat everyone the same.” She and her team at Atlas strive to do this every day, to fulfill the ‘Dynamic’ Aereos value. Daily, the customer service team at Atlas energetically solves their clients’ issues. “My team works together and helps each other out, and are willing to work to get answers to our customers even when they are out of the office.”

Marina brings this same sense of urgency and energy to her position at the ACPC. “My proudest moment happened last year when I sold out all Corporate Sponsorships in a record two weeks after registration began,” a feat that had never before happened. Marina’s interpersonal talents are valuable to her customers and working relationships. She is an integral part of the team at Aereos that values customer satisfaction. “We are passionate and driven to retain the reputation and trust we’ve built with our customers for proven reliability.”

If you happen to make it to San Diego this week, more awaits you than perfect weather. “Being involved [with the ACPC] gives great opportunities to meet and network with airlines.” The conference is an event for you to do what Marina does on a daily basis, creating new relationships and fostering old ones. Look to foster authenticity as Marina does. “As we grow, we will remember our ‘small company’ roots. We treat our customers and each other with genuine respect.” You can learn more about the ACPC at www.acpc.com, and if you run into Marina in San Diego, make sure to congratulate her on her twentieth year.