David Baker

Meet David, who began his love for aviation at 10 years old

David Baker, CEO of Atlas Aerospace and Partner of Aereos, LLC, provides leadership in strategic vision, executions and operations at both companies and in acquisitions for Aereos. Aereos is the parent company to a family of four aerospace companies that have been acquired or formed: Atlas Aerospace Accessories, Airline Component Parts (ACP) and EulessAero. David began his aviation career in 1986 with five successful years in a Sales and Marketing role for a California-based aviation parts distributor.  In 1991, he co-founded an aerospace company that became Aerotech Engineering Inc., an FAA- PMA parts manufacturer, which outsourced its manufacturing of parts to EulessAero. After their merger in 2005, David served as Vice President, developing and executing a sales strategy that transformed the company into an industry leader. In 2013, David, along with his partners, founded Aereos to act strategically as the holding company for the family of companies.

Get To Know David

“Working as an engineer at McDonnell Douglas, my grandfather inspired the beginning of my love for aviation. When my grandparents took me to Hawaii on my first flight at the age of 10, I was hooked. My experience as a child led to a lifelong passion for the industry.”

“When I’m not working, you can find me fishing, riding a mountain bike, watching action films or grooving to some Rock and Roll.”

“My hero is my 95-year-old grandfather who is still passionate about aviation.”