Jennifer LeBlanc
Regional Sales Manager - North America

Meet Jennifer, she fell in love with aviation 35 years ago

Jennifer develops and maintains relationships with current and prospective customers through effectively selling Atlas Aerospace’s related services. Jennifer fell in love with aviation 35 years ago when she worked part time for her father’s airfreight company, joining him on sales calls with his airline customers. After college, she worked for Melard Aviation in logistics, including hazmat and import/export. When Melard closed, Jennifer joined AAA Interair, Inc. and handled all the export licenses for the aircraft on lease.

Get To Know Jennifer

“I love to unwind by spending time with my grandchildren.”

“My favorite movies are crime, murder and mystery, and I like country music.”

“My mother is my hero. She is the strongest person I know, and I’ve learned from her that there is no challenge I cannot overcome.”