Norm Butler

Meet Norm, COO at Atlas Aerospace, who has learned the aviation industry from the ground up during his 40 years of experience

Throughout Norm’s more than 40 years in aviation with 37 of those being with StandardAero, he has developed broad industry experience. Norm worked for 10 years as a technician first working on DC3 engines and then as an inspector, assembler, engine tester and inside sales representative. His experience prepared him for his management positions as a supervisor, manager, director, general manager, VP of Operations and now COO with Atlas Aerospace, a division of Aereos.

Get To Know Norm

“My love for aviation started at an early age while living on his family’s farm in Winnipeg near an airport where I watched the planes flying overhead. When I looked for a job, I had the choice of working construction out in the cold or working inside tearing apart engines. Lucky for me that I had the right answer when the interviewer asked if I owned any tools. I replied, ‘They’re in the truck.’ They put me to work right away, and I was working on a Pratt & Whitney R-1830 by lunch.”

“To unwind, I like spending time with my family. I enjoy fishing, hunting and exploring the Florida Coast.”