Ultra-Attentive On Quality, Equally Committed At Home

EulessAero Quality Control Supervisor, Jameel Abdullah


EulessAero, an Aereos company, is known for its more than 50 years of supporting the aviation industry as a manufacturer of critical hydraulic, APU and engine aerospace components. The company employs state-of-the-art equipment, coupled with extensive parts manufacturing experience and adaptable, cost-effective processes, to support the industry’s most precise requirements.

In the aerospace industry, where safety is paramount, quality and precision have to be at their highest standards, which is why the EulessAero Quality Control team is so important. A group of EulessAero employees are solely dedicated to ensuring the customer and stakeholders are satisfied when it comes to this crucial attribute.

Meet Jameel Abdullah, the EulessAero Quality Control Supervisor. A native Chicagoan who moved to Texas a few years ago, he has been in the Quality Control field for over twenty years. A knowledgeable and positive guy, he checks finished products at EulessAero to measurements finer than a human hair.

“My role is to be our customer’s eyes within our facility. To ensure we manufacture parts not only to their specifications, but also to exceed their expectations.” This means accuracy to the thousandth decimal space!

This isn’t Jameel’s first foray into quality control in the aerospace industry.

“My first assignment as an inspector in 1996, was for an aerospace company. Since then I have inspected in the automotive and medical maufacturing industries, working with a variety of materials [including:] rubber, plastic, metal – and even powdered metals.”

A dependable, team player, Jameel has seen a lot change over his twenty years.

“There has been a lot of changes in the manufacturing industry over the past decade. The most significant is the use of automation, the demand for more detailed documentation, and the need for inspectors to be much more than simply computer-literate.”

Jameel is excited about the possibilities for 2018. He believes this will be a major year for EulessAero, as they “continue their successful business model and proven growth strategies.”

AS9100 Rev D - Do You Need Assistance?

“We also cater to small companies that don’t have a firm comprehension of the new AS9100 D requirements. AS9100 Rev D was introduced in Oct 2016, with a mandatory transition date of June 2017.”


“We have over 50 years in aerospace manufacturing and are capable of meeting the needs of large companies with extensive documentation requirements. We also cater to small companies that don’t have a firm comprehension of the new AS9100 D requirements. AS9100 Rev D was introduced in Oct 2016, with a mandatory transition date of June 2017. The primary change that benefits all our clients is this new vision of the process now being ‘Leadership Team-Driven.’”

Jameel also recently celebrated an anniversary, his fourteenth wedding anniversary. And as for a work-family balance, Abdullah likes his daily routine.

“For those that judge a company on how they treat their employees, EulessAero has proven to be loyal to its employees. They’re very supportive of their employee’s home life. To me, this was a pleasant surprise – in this corporate environment- which is so often driven by the financial bottom line.”

Perhaps equally surprising, Jameel mentions that he got into the Quality field by chance. Living in Chicago with aspirations to be an architect, he received a chance referral from Chris Christmon, a family friend, that would change his life forever.

“Chris’s referral basically put me on the path that allowed me to establish a career, and eventually lead me to EulessAero. He is one of my heroes.”

Now Jameel is the hero – providing the highest quality precision products, on time, to customers across the world. His work at EulessAero requires him think outside the box to come up with solutions. His confidence and wide-ranging experience help him rally to any challenge.

Luckily, he shares his gifts with his customers and co-workers and makes the aerospace world that much safer.

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