Aereos Group Attending 2019 MRO Americas
Announcing their newest division, Aereos Interior Solutions

Dallas, TX – April 8, 2019 – Aereos, a global aircraft solutions provider encompassing five award-winning divisions focused on superior component repair and overhaul, unique FAA engineered repair solutions, precision manufacturing and custom interior products has announced its plans … Read More

Aereos Interior Solutions Exhibits in Hamburg, Germany

Aereos Interiors Solutions is one of some 600 exhibitors in this world class event.

Hamburg Messe, Germany – April 2, 2019 –  The newest Aereos division, Aereos Interior Solutions, is exhibiting this year at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX). Aircraft Interiors Expo is a highly … Read More

Aereos Interior Solutions: A Case Study
Aereos Interior Solutions engineers developed a reflective coating for the outside of the shade to reduce costs

The aerospace industry is the greatest workhorse for transportation today. In 2017, air traffic carried 4.1 billion passengers throughout the world. With so many people and flights, it is … Read More

Aereos Group Grows Again, Adding Aereos Interior Solutions
Newest Division of Aereos to Offer Cabin, Galley and Other Interior Products

Dallas, TX – March 15, 2019 – Global aircraft solutions provider Aereos recently announced another member division to its group, Aereos Interior Solutions.

The Aereos family already encompasses experts focused on component repair … Read More

Boeing’s 747 Turns 50 in 2019
The aircraft that would change passenger flight forever was completed this month in 1969.

Earlier this month, Boeing celebrated the 50th anniversary of the 747. The “Queen of the Skies” is often regarded as the single machine that made passenger airline flight an everyday occurrence. Passenger … Read More

Looking Ahead: What is in store for the MRO market in 2019
Recent History of the Event

Since the 2008 recession, the global aircraft fleet has remained relatively even at around 25,000 craft. The 2007 census numbered 27,047 aircraft while the latest numbers for 2018 total 26,307. But these numbers are likely … Read More

2018: Looking Back at an Historic Year at Aereos
2018 marked the fifth year of the Aereos family of companies, and it was an historic one. As we look forward to the exciting possibilities that 2019 has in store, lets not forget all that we have to celebrate this memorable year.

Excitement … Read More

#LoveOfFlying – What It Means To Us

And every mother’s child is gonna spy
To see if reindeer really know how to fly…
It’s a funny thing. Across much of the United States, it’s too cold for air shows. Not many children are laying in green grass, staring at vapor trails from … Read More

FAA-Accepted Repairs vs. DER Repairs. What’s the Difference?

What happens when a part fails?

The history of FAA repairs.

How do FAA-accepted and DER repairs differ?

The Federal Aviation Administration has an especially important responsibility to the public. Not only do its regulations protect the 2 million daily American airline … Read More

CFM International: No Longer the Bad Guy, What It Means for MROs
One of the largest manufacturers switches gears to allow PMA parts and DER repairs in their engines.

In August, CFM International and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) shocked the MRO world. CFM International had been a vocal opponent of … Read More