How can airlines save more money, and provide a better, safer experience for flyers?
How can airplanes work more efficiently when repairs are needed?
How can the aerospace industry learn the most advanced ways to keep planes in the air?
These are our challenges. We are Aereos.

Aereos is a group … Read More

Honoring 42 Years of Outstanding Aerospace Industry Service

William Montgomery, Aereos Partner, joined EulessAero and ACP employees to honor the outstanding service and award-winning career of David Tarrant. Few moments symbolize the essence of Aereos’ roots and mutual respect of its staff as the celebration of the career of David Tarrant.

David’s … Read More

2015 Customer Survey Highlights
– We undervalued AOG
– Industry and Supplier Awards was least important when compared to our employees’ view
– Flexibility in adapting to the changing needs of the airline/OEM was very important
Great companies know their customers. They look for trends and opinions among their customer base to determine the … Read More

Choosing the Repair Station for Your Needs
How To Match Ratings and Classes to Your Parts
It’s important that you choose the correct repair station with the proper expertise for each part that needs to be repaired. This can be a confusing process since repair stations offer different areas of expertise. The … Read More

DER Repair Specialists, Industry-Leading Component Repair Engineers
Aircraft parts repair is our passion. With decades of experience in the industry, and clients spreading across the globe, ACP provides quality, FAA-certified part repairs, and fast.

Our core business involves electro-mechanical accessories, such as pressure and temperature sensors and switches, tack generators, fire detectors, indicators … Read More

Who Is Atlas?

Atlas is one of four award-winning aerospace companies with over 100 years combined experience in the aerospace industry. More specifically, Atlas is an FAA-certified 145 repair station renowned for its quality, workmanship, fast turnaround times, exceptional customer service and extended on-wing performance in support of our airline, OEM … Read More

DERs write the playbook on some of the most expensive parts in the aerospace world. Airplanes, like cars, trucks or motorcycles, have many parts that fail. Repairs are needed. There’s something unique about the world of airplane parts. It starts with cost. Some parts on an airplane can cost $40,000 to replace, … Read More

This post is Part 2. Click here to see Part 1.DERs Specialize in Repairing Parts that are Normally Thrown Away
Expendable Aircraft Parts
An expendable is any component that’s simply discarded at the end of its operating life and replaced with a brand-new part. This is standard operating procedure for most … Read More

We are excited to showcase our new brand that unifies the messaging, image and communications of our family of companies and evokes the strong feelings people of all ages have for our industry

How ACP Saves Airlines & MROs Millions of Dollars in Parts RepairWho is ACP?
ACP is a Class 1, 2 and 3 FAA repair station certified by AS9110. The core business of ACP involves a variety of electro-mechanical accessories, such as pressure and temperature sensors and switches, tack generators, … Read More




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