Data Is Vital In The Aircraft Parts Industry.

How Stewart Pope Applies Insights To Serve His Customers

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” – Carly Fiorina, former executive, president, and chair of Hewlett-Packard Co.


ACP Salesperson Stewart Pope found his way to ACP by analyzing the data. Now, he uses his analytical mind to improve the customer experience for his clients.

Stewart exemplifies the Aereos value of Trustworthy, acting with integrity and striving always to meet every commitment for customers and his team. Perhaps the reason it’s easy to trust Stewart is because he trusts the data.

An invaluable partner, we talked to Stewart this week about his time working at the company. Back from San Luis Obispo, CA – celebrating Thanksgiving with his wife, her parents, and their four children – Stewart was back to business as usual.

An Orange County kid himself, Stewart was amazed by airplanes at a young age.

“When I was kid, my family would go visit relatives in Layton Utah. We would always take a day to go eat lunch at Hill Air Force Base near the end of the runway. The planes would come in for landing right over our heads. I was always in awe at how such a big hunk of metal could fly through the air.”

Apart from those childhood experiences, however, Stewart didn’t care much for aircraft. That is, until much later, when he found himself in the industry.

“Previously, I worked on some data analysis dealing with electro-mechanical parts in the aviation industry. My colleague Chris Jensen recommended I look at ACP. The company was armed with technical knowledge and expert staff and looked poised for growth. It felt good and looked like a great opportunity for both of us.”

His colleague was right. The team at ACP, an Aereos operating company, was a perfect fit for him.

Trustworthy, An Aereos Value

We act with integrity and strive to meet all of our commitments in our dealings with our customers and amongst ourselves. Learn more about the Aereos Company Values


“I once had a CEO who begged and pleaded for a forecast. He was from a different industry and didn’t quite understand aircraft aftermarket services. We do not have a steady book of orders, and at the component level of servicing aircraft, we don’t see parts until they fail.”

Even though that is the case, Stewart is quick to point out that being proactive is still the correct path. To assist his customers completely, Stewart strives to understand the bigger picture.

“Data is king. Data drives business. I learned years ago to trust the data and to make clear decisions based on the data collected. You cannot traditionally forecast [parts of a plane that will fail] based on a production line. The best we can do is collect the historical data. Whether it be data on usage, pricing, OEM lead times, or failure rates, et cetera. From there we can help plan for the future, and prepare to see those parts as they fail.”

Stewart, in turn, knows what his customers need, and how to help them. A great part of Stewart’s job is on the phone, or setting up meetings with ACP customers. But to find the bigger picture, “I also spend time analyzing fleets, systems and capabilities. Understanding where the industry business is being performed is important for staying up to date on industry trends.”

Many people would look at the number of clients and parts that ACP deals with on a daily basis and think it remarkable – madness even. Stewart doesn’t feel the same way, it doesn’t strike him as unusual at all. “I wouldn’t say unusual. Most of our customers all have the same problems. But the reason airlines, MRO’s, and repair shops choose ACP is because of our technical capabilities, quality of services and our ability to quickly develop new repairs.”

While companies turn to ACP for those reasons, Pope has a different opinion for why customers return. He praises the ACP commitment to customer service. “It is important [for our clients that we] work as a team. There are many moving parts in our industry and in our business. It takes a complete effort from everyone to stay on top. It makes my job easier to know that my team can deliver on the promises I make.”

Do you want more data-driven insights for your company? Do you want to understand the benefits a DER repair can provide your customers? Contact Stewart at ACP today by email: spope@airlinecomponent.com for the answers.