Dennis Ubillus
Vice President

Meet Dennis, his childhood interest has fostered a lifelong passion

Dennis has always had a passion for aviation. “I remember as a kid pretending to be an airline pilot going thru a taking off or landing sequence, sitting on a chair from my living room window (that was my cockpit).” While he didn’t end up as a pilot or an astronaut, he has spent the past twenty years in the industry he loved so much. Starting in supply chain for a small eastern aerospace company, he learned the ins and outs for after-market products. This knowledge laid the groundwork for supporting military clients with all facets of the industry.

Get To Know Dennis

"I am what I am and where I am thanks to Jesus and my parents and their sacrifices. They are my heroes."

"My favorite part of my job is meeting with customers and learning about their challenges, because I want to find a solution that will support their mission."

"I have learned that there are two things that you need to be successful in this industry: patience and perseverance."

"After work, you can find me in my backyard, sitting outside having dinner with my family or listening to music by the fire-pit."