Billie Ramirez
Customer Service Representative

Meet Billie, who has been involved in aerospace manufacturing for the past 20 years

Billie has been in the aerospace manufacturing field for the past 20 years, including her work in customer service, financial reporting and scheduling at MMI Precision Technology and Aero Design Services. At EulessAero she works diligently with customers to understand their needs and address them. Billie prides herself as a person with great customer support skills who is detail oriented and organized. She is happiest when finding a solution for a new challenge.

Get To Know Billie

“My interest in movies spans from romantic comedies to suspense. It all depends on the subject matter and if I’m in the mood for light entertainment or heavy emotion.”

“I have an eclectic taste in music. My Pandora station has everything from easy listening to heavy metal and all genres in between.”

“My dad is my hero. He gave me the work ethic I have today. He is a retired sheet metal worker who never complained and made sure our family was always well taken care of. He has been my mom’s caregiver during her declining health without complaint and always with love.”