Jameel Abdullah
Quality Control Supervisor

Meet Jameel, who has over 20 years in the Quality field

Jameel has worked 20 years in the Quality field in Fortune 500 to small job shops in aerospace, automotive and medical companies. His diverse background includes working with metals, powered metals, rubbers, plastics and electronics. Jameel’s work at EulessAero makes him think constantly outside the box to come up with solutions. His confidence and knowledge make him rally to the challenge. Jameel thrives on learning something new every day.

Get To Know Jameel

“I like to unwind by hanging out with my family and traveling with my wife.”

“I like historical-based movies. Jazz is my favorite music, but Hip Hop is a close second.”

“My dad is my hero. He is the strongest and most honorable person I know. I’ve always wanted to be just like him.”