Michael Chandler
Manufacturing Engineer

Meet Michael, who has worked 35 years in the aviation environment (commercial, military and space)

Michael has worked 35 years in the aviation environment (commercial, military and space), including working on satellite systems like NASA’s Mars Rover. Michael had worked for MMI Precision for 10 years when Aereos bought them in 2014, and he joined EulessAero. Known for his astute attention for detail, Michael is happiest at work when he is it outwitting a complex component. He thoroughly enjoys the people he works with and derives great satisfaction from completing a job.

When asked what he has worked on during his aviation career, Michael said, “If it flies, I’ve had something to do with it.”

Get To Know Michael

“As a kid, it was so cool to watch the crop dusters on the family farm. They looked like the pilots were part of the planes. When I grew up, I joined the U.S. Army and had chance to fly a great deal. I wasn’t, however, around to land very often…since I was a paratrooper.”

“I enjoy spending special time with my grandson Wyatt and watching action movies.”

“My dad, Retired CSM B Chandler, is my hero. He served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. My dad’s a man of many talents, and my best friend.”

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