Mike Hamilton
Director of Sales
817.267.1371 ext 2200

Meet Mike, the former ballplayer is now an important teammate at EulessAero.

Mike enjoys meeting potential customers because he knows that he has solutions to their problems. In fact, it’s his favorite part of the job. Mike began with Aereos in 2007, driving the EulessAero truck and verifying cert packages. Naturally, he knows quite a bit about the company and what it can do for its clients.

To unwind, Mike enjoys time with his family and watching his kids’ activities. But when he’s at the office, he’s hard at work for his customers, figuring out the next way to help them.

Get To Know Mike

"I love 80s movies. And 80's music. Naturally, I got into aviation based on a love for the ultimate classic movie, Top Gun."

"I've been a waiter, played baseball, worked construction jobs, and even dabbled in staffing and marketing. Now I've spent eleven years at EulessAero, so I think I'm done searching for a career."

"The best thing about work is the people! I love my co-workers.”