The Annual Air Carriers Purchasing Conference is Already Sold Out for This Year

What’s in this blog:

  • The Aereos family of companies is excited to attend ACPC again this year
  • Unique conference delivers business and social agendas
  • 789 registered aerospace suppliers, nearly 60 airlines attending
  • “An airline attendee can meet more suppliers in the four days of the conference than they would have time to see in their office in an entire year.”

Billed as “the most productive aviation conference worldwide,” ACPC 2018 is a few short weeks away. ACPC began in 1956 to address the unique issues of smaller airlines, short haul markets, and regional buyers and sellers. The Aereos family of companies is no stranger to this annual event, we are proud to have grown over the years just as ACPC has grown.

This year, 57 different airlines will be in attendance, including some of the largest fleets in the business – a far cry from the ACPC’s humble roots. Nearly 800 supply companies will be attending as well, including the Aereos family: Atlas Aerospace and EulessAero.

The Air Carriers Purchasing Conference is a Unique Experience

The ACPC prides itself on the two parts of its mission. Firstly, it “brings together buyers and sellers of aviation related goods and services.” With three days of activities and networking activities – it definitely delivers. The final day of the conference includes five airline roundtables with 10-minute face-to-face meetings with decision makers in the industry. Some of the most important relationships begin here.

The ACPC agenda also makes good on the second part of its mission by affording members “a fair and level environment to network in various business and social agendas.” A number of development sessions throughout the weekend, along with some fun activities – including a charity auction – provide some of the best opportunities to reach outside of a standard client base.

Networking is the primary goal of the ACPC –  the low conference fee was intended to help out regional airlines and smaller companies competing with the big boys. This made the conference very popular, and the result is exactly as planned. The receptions and banquets – and all the functions at the ACPC – “provide an atmosphere that nurtures friendships, strengthens business and gives everyone the opportunity to develop relationships.”

The Aereos family of companies will be attending the ACPC 2018 in Orlando, Florida from August 18-21. The Aereos divisions have a long history with the ACPC, we even highlighted our involvement on our blog last year with this personal piece. More information on our host table will be coming shortly – we look forward to seeing you there.