Gale Kelley-Biskay
Technical Support

Meet Gale, Director of Technical Sales and Support and all-around people person.

In high school, Gale was in the Air Force ROTC, but she didn’t continue on to become an officer. She had an aptitude for mechanics, so instead, sheexplored other options. Out of college, Gale worked primarily in metallurgy, dealing with the physical and chemical behavior of alloys and compounds. Over time, this specific skill set inevitably drew her into the aerospace industry. Since the early 1990s, she has learned much more about where all those alloys ended up, and how they can best serve her customers. The detail analysis that Gale mastered in the first part of her career is the same tool she uses to resolve problems here today. It isn’t so much about selling products as it is to helping people, and with her vast knowledge, Gale loves to do just that.

Get To Know Gale

"My first airplane ride was over The Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. It was a small plane and in the air, it was thrown all over the place. It even made my mother sick!"

"A lot of my early work dealing with metal compounds were used in computers, back before they were so commonplace."

"I was into classical music at age 4. I'm still very much a fan of music - nearly everything, except opera."