Introduction to Atlas: The Ultimate “Aircraft-On-Ground” Repair Crew

Atlas Aerospace TeamWho Is Atlas?


Atlas is one of four award-winning aerospace companies with over 100 years combined experience in the aerospace industry. More specifically, Atlas is an FAA-certified 145 repair station renowned for its quality, workmanship, fast turnaround times, exceptional customer service and extended on-wing performance in support of our airline, OEM and MRO customers from around the world.

Atlas Aerospace’s Mission

Our passion for flying drives our experienced team to go above and beyond to serve our global airline, OEM and MRO customers. We are experts in component repair and overhaul, DER repair solutions and precision manufacturing of critical components. We are specialists committed to fast turn times, exceptional customer service and proven reliability to keep the world flying. We care about our customers, those flying with our customers, our employees and the world of aviation.

AOG Aircraft On Ground - Atlas AerospaceWhat Does Atlas Do?

Atlas is a 145 Repair station focused on key hydraulics, pneumatics and electro-mechanical, electronic and fuel components. What sets Atlas apart is the ability to find specific items used within categories all over the aircraft. The company offers a wide variety of in-house customized services to best suit the needs of their aerospace industry customers, including:

  • Exchange pool services
Reliability programs
  • AOG services
  • DER repair development
  • Precision matching

Atlas has many certifications. Each engineer is required to have a degree, demonstrate they are knowledgable in their area of expertise, and have a longstanding record of being able to perform properly within FAA guidelines.

Why You Should Choose Atlas Over Other Repair Companies

Atlas’ standards come from knowing aircraft parts have a crucial role to play. In addition to the quality and fast turn times, they pride themselves on reliability and availability. When a unit is sent to Atlas, customers never have to worry about where their new part is, or its status. Atlas provides weekly status updates throughout the entire repair process.

What Makes Atlas Exceptional

The typical airline owns thousands of airplanes, all of which require regular repairs and maintenance. Often, these repairs can come at inconvenient times for the airline – just before take off. The industry calls this an AOG, aircraft on ground. Atlas’ value is in the ability to quickly replace key components on a grounded aircraft. This saves incredibly valuable time for aircraft operators. AOGs can result in thousands of dollars of lost profit. The dollar difference between a successful flight, and a delay, that’s the value of Atlas services. With airline tickets averaging hundreds of dollars a piece, do the simple math yourself to see the savings are big. Atlas is there quickly and efficiently when airlines need them.

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Atlas is an Aereos operating company. Learn more about Aereos.

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