Introduction to Aereos Operating Companies

A family of some of the most-advanced, and efficient Aerospace companies in the world. This is Aereos.

Airplane Parts Repair, Fast Turnaround Times Keeps Planes in the Air

Aereos is the parent company of three award-winning aerospace companies with over 100 years combined experience in the aerospace industry. Dedicated to providing quality aircraft parts, MRO services, exceptional customer service and value to its Airline, OEM and MRO customer, Aereos is a world leader in the aviation and aerospace industry.

Our Mission

Our passion for flying drives our experienced team to go above and beyond to serve our global airline, OEM and MRO customers. We are experts in component repair and overhaul, DER repair solutions and precision manufacturing of critical components. We are specialists committed to fast turn times, exceptional customer service and proven reliability to keep the world flying. We care about our customers, those flying with our customers, our employees and the world of aviation.

Why Aereos Operating Companies?

Companies choose to acquire or establish subsidiaries for a lot a different strategic reasons. Each Aereos’ operating company plays a unique role, but ultimately they synergistically work together to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Illustrated below is how Atlas and ACP, two Aereos operating companies, fit into play in the company’s portfolio.

Atlas Aerospace


Atlas’ Role

An FAA-certified 145 repair station, renowned for its quality, workmanship, fast turnaround times and extended on-wing performance, Atlas focuses on key hydraulic, pneumatic, electro-mechanical, electronic and fuel components. Atlas doesn’t work on just any part of the aircraft. Renowned for its quality, workmanship, fast turnaround times and extended on-wing performance, to in support of our it’s airline, OEM and MRO aerospace customers companies from around the world. have worked with Atlas.

What Makes Atlas Exceptional

Often, maintenance problems come at inconvenient times for the airline – just before take-off resulting in an Aircraft on Ground (AOG). AOG is an aviation maintenance term indicating that a problem is serious enough to prevent an aircraft from flying and if not fixed quickly may cause further delays or cancellations. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, in 2014 thirty percent of all US flight delay minutes were within the air carriers control (e.g. maintenance or crew problems, aircraft cleaning, baggage loading, fueling, etc.). The trade organization, Airlines for Americas, estimated that the cost of delays to U.S. Airlines (less fuel costs) in 2014 were more than $4.8 billion (which does not take into account the billions of dollars that 2014 airline delays are estimated to have cost air travelers). Combining these two statistics, air carrier delays cost USA airlines and their passengers billions of dollars in 2014.

Delay Cause by Year


Atlas’ ability to quickly repair key components on a grounded aircraft can be the difference between a successful flight, or a costly delay.

Meet the Atlas team




ACP’s Role

ACP has a 22-year award-winning tenure in the aerospace industry. What makes ACP unique is its expertise in developing DER approved repairs. DER repairs, or Designated Engineering Representative, are a highly-specialized repair. When high-value expendable parts (expensive aircraft components that are usually thrown away) are in need of replacement, ACP provides an alternative. There are only a few experts in the aerospace industry that have the ability to create this type of repair. These parts are often worth tens of thousands of dollars each. In fact, the process is so unique, the FAA has to approve each part repair. ACP is one of the few FAA-Certified repair stations focused almost exclusively on developing DER repairs.

What Makes ACP Exceptional

When an airline replaces a high-cost expendable part, ACP gives them another option: overhaul the part. For example, instead of paying $40,000 for a new torque motor, ACP customers can spend less than half to repair it with an ACP FAA-approved DER repair. ACP Engineers are also FAA-Certified Designated Engineering Representatives, solidifying ACP as the most efficient way to repair costly expendable aircraft parts.

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Photo caption: Six EulessAero engineers undertake work in a manufacturing facility located in Euless, Texas.

Six EulessAero engineers undertake work in a manufacturing facility located in Euless, Texas.


EulessAero’s Role

EulessAero employs state-of-the-art equipment, extensive parts manufacturing experience and adaptable, cost-effective processes to achieve the industry’s most demanding tolerances. EulessAero is ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Rev C Certified.

With over 100 years of combined industry experience, the Aereos divisions remain committed to learning and continuously seeking opportunities to master new and better methods — not only in repair and service technology, but also to advance turn times, ensure accuracy, improve customer service and add value.

What Makes EulessAero Exceptional

As one in a family of four award-winning companies managed by Aereos, EulessAero is the industry leader of manufacturing critical components for the aerospace industry for more than 50 years.

Meet the EulessAero team



Why You Should Choose Aereos Over Other Comparable Aerospace Companies

Aereos’ family of operating companies makes it truly unique in the aerospace industry. Not only is Aereos’ team recognized for fast turn times and exceptional customer service, but they have a 38-year track record for proven reliability. Since Atlas has become a part of the Aereos family, their experts have been working continuously to reduce turn times, giving airlines more speed and efficiency to keep airlines and their passengers in the air. ACP creates DER repairs for high-value expendable parts that are designed to save hundreds of thousands of dollars, and uphold the industry’s highest standards.

One aim: To go above and beyond for you…

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