Lee Ann Scott
Customer Service Representative/Inside Salesperson

Meet Lee Ann, who is a good communicator and likes handling customer service related issues

Lee Ann is a good communicator who likes handling customer service related issues, providing quotes for repairs and conducting inside sales. Lee Ann likes what she does, and her favorite part is talking with the variety of people she deals with daily. Lee Ann has worked hard and advanced in her career at small and large companies in administration, customer service and sales.

Get To Know Lee Ann

“There is nothing like unwinding by going to the gym, aimlessly wandering and spending time with my family.”

“I like watching and listening to a variety of movies and music. It all depends on my mood and the time of the day.”

“My heroes don’t fit neatly into a small box. They are individuals who inspire me like pioneers who have shown dedication and persevered. My heroes are those who have fought, worked hard and earned their achievements. My heroes are great role models who provide hope for others.”