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Order an Aircraft Component Repair with ACP - AereosDER Repair Specialists, Industry-Leading Component Repair Engineers

Aircraft parts repair is our passion. With decades of experience in the industry, and clients spreading across the globe, ACP provides quality, FAA-certified part repairs, and fast.

Our core business involves electro-mechanical accessories, such as pressure and temperature sensors and switches, tack generators, fire detectors, indicators and torque motors.

We also specialize in the development of DER repairs for high-value expendable components. ACP DERs are engineers who write repair manuals for costly expendable parts. These parts are no longer supported by the manufacturer, or never had a repair manual in the first place. Learn more about DERs.

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What Makes ACP Unique?

We are among the few Class 1, 2 and 3 repair stations in the United States. These classes are only achieved when “an FAA repair station can perform the functions (tasks) necessary to inspect, repair, replace, or overhaul those aviation articles that they have been given an authorization (rating) for. The FAA lists and approves ratings on a form called operations specifications.” (Source)

  • Repairs of expensive parts that are normally thrown out
  • FAA Certification and expertise
  • Class 1, 2, 3 Station, a rare and long-standing achievement
  • Fast turnaround times for airlines who need a part fast
  • Outstanding service
  • Instant savings on parts, as much as 50%

What Class Ratings Mean

  • Class 1 – Mechanical Accessory
  • Class 2 – Electrical Accessory
  • Class 3 – Electronic Accessory

We are authorized to perform tasks on mechanical, electrical and electronic accessories. Often the FAA will issue a limited rating in one or more of the categories above, limiting the repair station to a specific make and model of article. That’s not the case with ACP. We are able to offer our customers a rare and highly-capable team of aircraft component repair engineers.

ACP Capabilities

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ACP, or Airline Component Parts, is an integral part of the Aereos family of operating companies. Texas based, ACP services clients worldwide, specializing in aircraft component repair of high-value parts, including DER Repairs for parts without a manual, ACP provides instant value to airlines, MROs, and other aerospace industry operators. We’ve built our business on experience, and saving money for our customers.

ACP Team

What Can You Expect?

We are a leading repair station in the US. We will support our mission to serve customers with outstanding service, value and turnaround time. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities, get a price for your repair needs, and learn how fast we can fix your part.

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