Looking back on EulessAero’s Fifty Years - Aereos Blog

EulessAero’s Distinguished Fifty Year Legacy

A golden anniversary in any industry is an accomplishment in itself, worthy of awe and reverence. But when you consider that the Wright brothers had their first flight less than 120 years ago, that longevity is even more significant. There is a passion involved with flying that is at the very core of humanity, and that desire is as palpable at EulessAero today as it likely was in 1965.

EulessAero is proud of its beginnings; initially fulfilling contracts for Bell Helicopters in the mid and late 60s. Skilled machinists manually filled orders of necessary parts for the American government, and worked tirelessly to create quality components to support military forces in Southeast Asia. More than a simple machine shop, these early years would create the groundwork for the vision and mission that still permeates the company today. Experience and specialization go hand-in-hand, which is something that can only be attained when you have the pedigree of a long-lasting company.

As a result of that early diligence, EulessAero positioned itself to grow its company and expand its capabilities. EulessAero took on more and larger contracts, having long since added fixed-wing aircraft machined parts to its repertoire. The future success of the company hinged on its 1980 shift into CNC machining of aircraft parts. The company moved away from traditional and time-consuming manual machining practices, and built its portfolio by adding the abilities of creating more complex parts for its growing client base. Boeing joined their growing list of clients and over the years other important names in the industry would become buyers. The customer list now includes some of the most important names in the business including Airbus, Honeywell and Lockheed Martin. As the company established its headquarters in the Dallas, TX metro area, the strategic location was well positioned to serve its long-time partner Bell Helicopters, while also encouraging new relationships with Delta Airlines, Parker Hannifin, and General Dynamics.

Looking back on EulessAero’s Fifty Years - Aereos Blog

Inasmuch as the first 15 years cemented EulessAero as a superior competitor in the aerospace component industry, the last fifteen years has shown the exciting, focused direction the company is going. After years of fulfilling contracts for competitor Aerotech in California, the two companies merged and EulessAero quickened the notable growth it is continuing to realize today. This began, initially, from shifting the company from simply filling orders to one that understands trends, forecasts needs and realizes patterns and market demands to benefit its customers.

EulessAero transformed into a far more proactive company, increasing its plastics and exotic materials capabilities in 2007 and expanding its machining capabilities in 2009 with the purchase of Sky USA. Over the years, EulessAero exponentially expanded the breadth of the company’s abilities, increased its knowledge and experience base, and multiplied its capabilities as a production and manufacturing enterprise.

Looking back on EulessAero’s Fifty Years - Aereos Blog

What is important to remember, however, is that this success didn’t simply happen overnight, arriving at this point was a journey of 50 years. Fifty years of patience and diligence, attention to detail, with an eye on the end result. Perhaps it isn’t astonishing that a company founded on milling and turning metal into the highest quality of aircraft components would approach its corporate business with the same patience and focus.