#LoveOfFlying – What It Means To Us


And every mother’s child is gonna spy
To see if reindeer really know how to fly…

It’s a funny thing. Across much of the United States, it’s too cold for air shows. Not many children are laying in green grass, staring at vapor trails from jets high in December. But something still draws our eyes up to the heavens. Some of the best stargazing and meteor showers happen this time of year. The aurora borealis bounce in December. And every blinking red light high in the sky – might it actually be Rudolph?

PerhapFlyings the funniest thing is, many of us never really get over the fascination with flying. Going home during the holidays, some of us will always take the window seat. Maybe we’ll get a gift of an R/C scale model airplane to fly around, or some indoor skydiving lessons. For a great many of us, the love of flying is deep in our bones.

As 2018 comes to a close, we looked back at Aereos’ history and to how it all began. Aereos is a family of a few companies with over 100 years of experience in keeping the world flying safely and reliably. Several values that ran deep in each operating company, including strong customer commitments, pioneering and self-starting personalities, and an emphasis on authentic relationships. But one commonality surprised us all.

Throughout interviews and discussions, we noticed a single underlying theme. Many – most people – remember having a love of flying from a young age. Stories of air shows and test pilots and astronauts came up over and over again. Soon, it was an undeniable that this was an unspoken part of our DNA.


When Aereos was created, it was of utmost importance that we created consistent messaging throughout the partner companies. When this connection was discovered, it was simple to find it in other places. This child-found love of flying resonated with our customers, our vendors, our employees and many, many others throughout the industry. It wasn’t so much a branding strategy as an epiphany (if you’ll pardon the seasonal pun).


Partner David Baker, during a 2014 interview with 145 Magazine, mentioned his grandfather Elwood and their shared love of the skies. Over and over again we hear stories of love of flying, and all from a young age. Jon Polliard mentioned too, that he grew up near the runways of LAX and his father would regale him with stories of flying B-24 bombers during World War II.

Now it’s hard to imagine any Aereos division without a child “mascot.” That spirit lives in us, and seeing that embodied every day reminds us how very lucky we are to work in this industry.

We may not get any clay-mation specials this time of year, but we’re always around you. We are the replaced parts of the plane flying thousands of feet overhead. We are the brand new window shades you open on your trip home for the holidays. We have created DER processes that carry our troops around the globe.

Where did you find your #LoveOfFlying? We would love to know, if you would like to share your story with us. Please email shosier@aereos.com or info@aereos.com and we might include your story in an upcoming article.