Creating Value through FAA Repair Solutions

Partner David Baker gave a brief talk at MRO Europe about ACP’s capabilities. Find out more here:

Creating Value through FAA Repair Solutions. Partner David Baker gave a brief talk at MRO Europe about ACP’s capabilities.

Aereos division, Airline Component Parts may be one of the easiest ways for aerospace companies to save money and, perhaps more valuable, time. At MRO Europe in 2018, Aereos was selected to present for the inaugural sessions of the MRO Europe Go-Live stage. Here, in just a few short minutes, Partner David Baker explains how repairing rotable parts can have dramatic savings in his presentation: Creating Value Through FAA Repair Solutions.

“Converting Expendables to Repairables”

ACP works with hydraulic, pneumatic or electromechanical parts, converting expendable parts into repairable ones. In this clip, Mr. Baker explains the best parts for this type of approach. Watch to learn more about what types of parts are best for this approach.

The Four-Step Process to FAA-Approved Repairs

In under two minutes, Mr. Baker outlines the ACP repair process from beginning to end. Watch this clip to better understand what is happening behind the scenes for each and every repair before the final step of submitting the repair to the FAA.

What Parts are Ideal Candidates for Repair?

Is there an expendable part that you imagine could be possibly repaired rather than thrown out? Here Mr. Baker lists three criteria needed to convert expendable parts to repairable ones at ACP:

Why Should Customers Look Into Repairing Expendable Parts?

Mr. Baker answers this question looking at lead times, cost savings, and better warranties. In the following clip, he highlights the FAA and EASA certifications all repaired parts receive.

Do you have an expendable part that fits the criteria for repairing? Are you interested in the present repairs ACP already has created? Contact us to learn more about our FAA-accepted repairs and how we can offer you a premium quality product sooner and for much less money.