Why Does Aereos Have Child Brand Ambassadors for their Divisions?

The answer may be inside of you, too…

When Aereos formed more than five years ago, five key values resonated with all our divisions. It remains true that while the Aereosdivisions within Aereos are all very diverse, it is simple to find what also unites them. For example, the familiar Aereos blue color that is found in our logo and throughout the company is reminiscent of its long history. This color also reflects the sky we all live beneath and the place where our hard work all returns.




Some other similarities between the future divisions of Aereos were even surprising. Through interviews and discussions, as the many people involved were getting to know each other, one common thread appeared. Whether a mechanic or an engineer or a member of a sales team, nearly everyone recounted an early love of flying. Regardless of how they came to work in the aviation industry, there was an early fascination with flight for almost everyone at Aereos.


So while discussions were being hashed out concerning fonts and colors and company-wide culture, another simple idea was forming. This common vein of youthful wonder in aviation could not be ignored. It was unmistakable, and finding this nugget of truth resulted in a treasure trove of possibilities.



Aereos is a collection of state-of-the-art, specialized aerospace divisions, with more than 100 years of combined experience. A young girl in braids and donning antique aviation goggles seems to portray just the opposite. But that little girl doesn’t represent Aereos as it is. She represents the little boys and girls inside every person at Aereos. She reminds each person of their childhood fascination with the sky.


Throughout the past five years, we’ve noticed that this isn’t simply an Aereos value. Many of our clients, customers, vendors and friends also remember going to air show and waving at planes from the ground. Many people remember getting to go up to the cockpit and talk to the pilot mid-flight or watching astronauts fly into space. While we didn’t all become pilots or turn into Superman, it remained a thrilling thing to imagine.


As we turn into adults, air travel becomes commonplace. We’re working at our desks and not laying in the grass watching vapor trails cross the sky. Flying means security lines and taking off our shoes, and no one gets called up to visit the cockpit anymore. But on your next trip – if you don’t get an aisle seat – crack the window shade and look down. Your younger self might be down there, watching your flight soar into the air in awe.


Now, it’s hard to imagine any Aereos division without our child imagery. That spirit lives in us, and seeing that embodied every day reminds us how very lucky we are to work in this industry. Where did you find your #LoveOfFlying? We would love to know. If you would like to share your story with us, please email shosier@aereos.com or info@aereos.com, and we might include your story in an upcoming article.